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A relative newcomer to the fashion industry, Peruvian fashion designer Fabiola Moreno introduced the Carrera Couture brand in 2009. Coming from a background in art and design, Moreno has crafted a style influenced by her native roots and American popular culture. Carrera sunglasses make an immediate impression. The streamlined but curvy contours of the frame, studded in silver in the middle, along with dark gradient lenses, tells the world you mean business. The various designs, both for men and women, give you flexibility of wear for every occasion. Carrera sunglasses add the perfect finish to your business outfit when you want that Wall Street look. Show off all your curves with Carrera sunglasses' sinuous contours and your favorite swimsuit for an exciting day at the beach. Feel like a round of tennis? Carrera sunglasses bring out the star athlete inside you. The glasses are comfortable, lightweight, and come in unusual colors like the bold lime green that is sure to capture glances. Carrera sunglasses feature the latest gradient lens technology, improving your vision indoors and protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays when you are outdoors. Be a work of art with these sunglasses. You will become a masterpiece in no time.

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